Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Glimpse Of My Skincare Routine

 Today's blog will be about my daily skin routine. I don't have a lot of time, and most of the days I am awake by 5 am to nurse our 8 month old daughter. After that everything starts at fast speed. So finding the right products for my busy life is a MUST. I have tried many different face creams and have enjoyed most of them, and found a few that were not right for me. Right now with the weather being so dry and windy, these are the current products I am obsessing over. Here is a glimpse of whats on my dresser. I love to make this area feel special since it's what helps me feel beautiful and happy. I make it extra special by using a pretty tray and #freshflowers to make it feel extra pretty. 

In the morning I rinse my face with a home made soap I made. After rinsing my face I apply La Mer "The Regenerating Serum" all over my face. I allow it to sit for 2 min while I brush my teeth. This serum is amazing, it is enriched with plant stem cell as well as Marine Peptide Ferment, which helps collagen production.  Sometimes, if I have a few extra minutes I use the Foreo2, which is this amazing 2 in 1 device that cleanses and works as an anti aging gadget. I then apply  La Mer "The Renewal Oil" around my forehead, eyes, and smile area. The last step is the La Mer "Moisturizing Cream" with this amazing moisturizer, a little goes a long way. I use the spatula and use about the size of a pea. I warm it up between my fingers and then I apply it by gently pressing it into my skin. 
La Mer has a way of instantly making your skin feel luxurious and extravagant the minute you apply their products. Their array of skin cream selections is perfect for everyone, I've been a La Mer fan since my late 20's. La Mer is always in my skin care routine, even if it's one item from their line. 

At night, I sometimes have a few extra minutes since our daughter goes to bed early.  I rinse my face with the same home made face cleanser and use my Foreo2. I absolutely love trying new products and found this amazing organic product while grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market.  It's called Honey Girl Organics. I am currently using two of their products at night, After cleansing my skin I apply the HoneyGlo "Regenerating Serum" all over my face and neck. It is a combination of many wonderful ingredients, but my favorites are beeswax, which helps hydrate the skin, carrot seed oil which is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce fine lines, and rosehip oil which also helps with fine lines, along with a few other wonderful ingredients. I use my Foreo2 to help the product penetrate my skin. Then I follow it up with the Honey Girl Organics Night Cream, I use a spatula to scoop up about a pea size and gently massage it into my skin, in upward motions. With this moisturizer a little also goes a long way. This cream is full of many natural and wonderful ingredients, my most favorite being honey because of its collagen benefits, and bees wax because it hydrates the skin without clogging the pores. The cream instantly gives my skin a beautiful glow with out looking oily. My skin absobrs all the amazing ingredients overnight and I wake up with smooth, hydrated soft skin. 
My mom knows I am a die hard La Mer supporter, so she was surprised to find out I was using something different. . She came over one night to babysit and mentioned my skin looked so soft and hydrated, I said, Thank You! with a big smile on my face. I decided to surprise her with her own jar and let her in on my new favorite secret. Needless to say she is now a new fan of Honey Girl Organics, and we now share almost identical skin routines. 💕

Please note, I also switch them up and use my La Mer routine for night time and Honey Girl Organics for day, specially when the air is dry. They can both be used for either day and or night. Side note, the  La Mer oil is also amazing to blend foundation. It hydrates and leaves a beautiful smooth surface. 
I hope you enjoyed a current glimpse of my dresser and favorite skin routine. 
What are some of your favorite or must try products? I would love to hear what you all use and are obsessing about. I will do an update during summer time incase my skin decides it needs a different routine,  since the weather changes our skins needs. I also just  got  a new skincare set that I'm dying to try for summer  😘

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